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Why we charge for downloads…

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The old Gutbrod was taken down in 2012. The site was a great resource for Gutbrod owners. There were a lot of photos which owners could use as reference and inspiration. And the forum allowed people to get in touch and find sources of spares, parts, accessories and information.

But it was closed down due to the cost of keeping it running. With no money coming in to cover the costs the host could simply not afford the time to keep it relevant and up to date. It was a great loss to the Gutbrod owning community.

Probably the most useful item owners want are original manuals and parts lists. We have an archive of technical documents. There are dozens of tractor documents but also manuals and parts lists for many other products made by Gutbrod.

This is a valuable resource and should not be lost. Sorting it out and making it available on the web site will help keep it safe and available. It take time to sort and bundle the documents, many of which are stored as single pages – and as we saw with the previous site, time is money.

So we had to make a decision. Either we give it all away and face the same fate as the old site, or charge a small download fee to to cover the costs of maintaining the archive and the running the web site. You would not expect to walk into a shop and be given a manual free of charge. At tractor fairs manuals usually cost around £25 and usually more.

We hope you, as fellow Gutbrod owners, will recognise that a few Pounds/Euros/Dollars per download will help keep the whole archive available for everyone. It will also discourage anyone else from downloading the whole lot and selling them for a profit.

This is not a great earner for the web site. But we hope it will help cover the cost in the time and technology it takes to keep the site running. That way we can ensure that this useful resource remains available to Gutbrod owners all over the world.

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