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This site is mainly about tractors, but Gutbrod made a load of other machines, tools and appliances. We have a collection of documents from the old Gutbrod archive. It looks like files were  grabbed at random as the bailiffs were trying to take the computers away. Most files have numbers for names and do not obviously relate to a particular machine. Many documents are duplicates with different names and some are gathered together into bundles of sometimes related files, but often they have nothing to do with each other.  In short, finding a document for a particular model is fishing in the dark. It is a lot of workThe most popular tractor manuals have been sorted and are available for download for a fixed price. The  other manuals remain largely unsorted. If you want a manual for something which is not a tractor, we have to search manually. If we find relevant files we will contact you and let you know what we have and how much they will cost. If you want them you must pay the Document Preparation Fee  of £20 as a deposit. You then pay the balance and we will upload the file for you to download.

Preparation includes checking that the documents are relevant (see The Small Print) then we have to combine them into a single file, watermark it and put it online. This, along with the initial search,  takes time and we have to charge for it.

If you want a non-tractor manual, email us with model number, description, photos of the whole machine, any plates with numbers on and anything else you think will help us identify the correct documents. The more information we have about your Gutbrod, the less time it will take to see if we have any documents for it – and the quicker you will get your manuals.

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