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The Small Print

We try to make this site as accurate as possible and check what we can. However we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information on this site. If you rely on information obtained from Gutbrod.Co it is your responsibility to ensure that it is suitable for your purposes. Gutbrod.Co will not be held responsible for direct or consequential losses resulting from the use of information obtained from this site.

Specific areas where you should take care:

  • Manuals are made available for download in good faith that they are for the models, parts and accessories stated. But due to the difficulty in checking each manual against all models and accessories, we cannot guarantee that the all documents are for the stated model.
  • The manuals vary in quality. Some are direct scans from original printed material, some are scans of good copies and some are copies of copies. The result is that some documents are clearer and more legible than others. Photos are particularly difficult to photocopy and tend to degrade with multiple copying. We always supply the best quality document available but cannot guarantee that every word and picture will be legible and show all the detail of the original.
  • Where there is a genuine problem we will do what we can to resolve the issue by providing alternative manuals or arranging a refund.
  • Opinions expressed on the forum are those of the poster. Gutbrod.Co do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of information in posts.
  • At present the forum is un-moderated. Offensive or illegal posts should be notified to us at the earliest opportunity and are likely to mean that the forum will have to be moderated.
  • Gutbrod.Co does not endorse any poster on the forum, unless explicitly stated. Transactions between posters are the responsibility of the posters themselves and all the usual precautions should be taken when sending good or payments.
  • Suppliers are listed if we believe they supply items of interest to Gutbrod owners. We do not endorse any supplier unless explicitly stated. Individuals are responsible for checking the probity of suppliers, especially if they are ordering items to be paid for in advance. They should also be satisfied that the supplier’s customer service, faulty goods and refund policies meet their needs.