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Welcome to the new Gutbrod web site. (See the post ‘New Gutbrod Site’ on the left  for more details of changes.)

This is the site for owners of classic Gutbrods. As far as we know there is no formal definition of ‘classic’ so we will define it as any model produced before 1995 when Gutbrod was acquired by the Modern Tool and Die Company (MTD). Having said that there may well be the odd post-1995 model creeping in occasionally if there is demand.

The site is run by Gutbrod owners, for Gutbrod owners. The Forum is live, you can register and use it now to ask questions, search for items you want, or give details of items you have for sale. There are Manuals for most models available for instant download. If you know of any suppliers of parts or equipment please email us.

You are welcome to make suggestions of what you would like to see on the site. Email us anytime.

Come on in, it’s your site.